Anue Water Technologies and D & H Water Systems Expands Wastewater Treatment Coverage to California, Arizona, & Nevada

The expansion of D & H Water Systems’ representation of Anue Water Technologies’ eco-friendly wastewater treatment equipment products is growing from Southern California to all of California, as well as Arizona and Nevada.

Wastewater Treatment Process

Anue Water Technologies manufacturers cost-effective and clean-tech equipment for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, odor, and corrosion. FOG (fats, oil, grease) control is applied in municipal force mains, lift stations, wet-wells, and wastewater tanks, including the FORSe® Oxygen/Ozone injection systems with remote digital telemetry; the more compact Phantom® Oxygen/Ozone injection system (also with remote digital telemetry); Enviroprep® Well-Washers for FOG control; and the highly customizable Anue Geomembrane Covers with embedded carbon-filters for odor elimination from practically any sized or shaped wastewater tank.

Exceptional Wastewater Treatment Solutions 

According to Greg Bock, Anue Water Technologies VP General Manager, “We are happy and proud that D & H Water Systems is extending its coverage to all of California, as well as Arizona and Nevada. This is due to the excellent job D & H has been doing in helping municipal wastewater operators throughout Southern California and its recent addition of talented sales engineers in Northern California and Arizona. D & H will introduce municipalities in Northern California, Arizona, and Nevada to Anue’s eco-friendly systems that replace chemicals and labor and pay for themselves in operational savings within a couple of years. Anue has recently added several new channel partners, including Koester Associates throughout New York State and Northern New Jersey; Kershner Environmental for Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey; Russell Resources throughout the six New England States; J.H. Wright throughout the Gulf States, Florida Panhandle, and Georgia; Northwestern Power Equipment for the Upper Midwestern States; and Faco Waterworks for Indiana. With the expansion of D & H Water Systems into Northern California, Arizona, and Nevada, we are able to demonstrate and install Anue’s clean and cost-saving equipment solutions to well over 90% of the municipalities in the USA and Canada.”

D & H Water Systems Principal Brian Doane declared, “We look forward to introducing Northern California, Arizona, and Nevada wastewater treatment customers to Anue’s eco-friendly equipment, which replaces costly and labor-intensive chemicals. Anue’s Oxygen/Ozone and other eco-friendly technologies are ideally suited to this region, which wants clean-tech solutions that minimize labor and inputs into the environment. D & H Water Systems can now deliver more of these effective green solutions to a much wider audience.”

About D & H Water Systems

D & H is a manufacturer’s representative firm located in Oceanside, California covering the municipal water and wastewater treatment markets throughout California, Arizona, and Nevada. The primary focus of D & H Water is chemical feed and disinfection. We also specialize in wastewater de-watering, potable water reservoir circulation and control, THM removal, and dealing with water hammer in the water distribution and wastewater collection system. The vision of D & H Water Systems, Inc. is to provide a customer-oriented advanced resources to the municipal market with an emphasis on end users, consulting engineers, and contractors. We will present new technologies and product advancements to the end use users and engineers through presentations and demonstrations. Customer service is second to none in our territory. Without customers and the relationships that they bring, D & H Water Systems will not prosper to its potential. It’s our intention to represent manufacturers that stand behind this same philosophy and live up to it. Visit us at www.dandhwatersystems.com.

About Anue Water Technologies, Inc.

Founded in 2005, Anue Water Technologies is headquartered in Alpharetta, GA. The company manufactures and supplies eco-friendly, high efficiency, patented wastewater treatment systems for the municipal and industrial wastewater markets. This includes Oxygen/Ozone injection, Well-Washers, and carbon-embedded Geomembrane Covers for odor, corrosion, and FOG (fats, oil, grease) control.

For more information, contact Anue Water Technologies at sales@anuewater.com or (760) 727-2683.