Force Main Oxygen & Ozone Injection

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    Patented Oxygen and Ozone Infusion

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    Eliminates Corrosive Odorous Sulfate Reducing Bacteria

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    Reduces Need for Expensive Continuous Feed

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    Reduces BOD/COD

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    Very Economic - Favorable IRR

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    Reduces Need for Chemicals and System Protection

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    Custom Built and Designed in the USA to Meet Your Plant Needs

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    Sustainable, Eco-Friendly, Ambient Air Converted to Ozone

Oxygen and Ozone Water Treatment

Anue Water Technologies’ FORSe® oxygenation system technology with Flo Spec™ digital telemetry was created to treat wastewater corrosion and odor in force mains and lift stations. These oxygenation systems are designed to solve odor and corrosion problems at their source, which is typically anaerobic sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB).

Environmentally Friendly Odor and Corrosion Control

Infuser Design Options for Wastewater Odor Control Equipment

The most crucial step in the odor and corrosion control treatment process is the mass transfer of oxygen into the water phase of the force main. Anue Water Technologies’ oxygenation system delivery methods are proven to effectively treat corrosion and odor in the Main Lines.

This odor control system wastewater process not only provides liquid phase corrosion prevention but vapor phase odor control as well. There are multiple infuser options selected on the basis of system hydraulics and chemistry parameters including pressure, flow, detention time, and sulfide/biological oxygen demand (BOD) levels.

Anue Water Technologies’ oxygenation system delivery technology provides beneficial O2 to the force main, creating a positive dissolved oxygen level eliminating the corrosive anaerobic SRB activity, which reduces costly maintenance and repair while extending life in collection systems.

Oxygen and Ozone Water Treatment Applications

• Odor Control

• Corrosion Control

• BOD Reduction

• COD Reduction

• Dissolved Oxygen Control

• De-colorization

• Disinfection

FORSe® Series

FORSe 2®

Oxygenation system for force main corrosion and odor control

FORSe 3®

Ozone generation for reuse applications

FORSe 5®

Combines oxygen and ozone infusion technologies to solve multiple issues

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