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    Eliminates Broad Spectrum of Odors

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    Low CapEx and OpEx

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    Proven Use in Many Existing Applications

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    Highly Customizable to Fit Practically any Shape or Size

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    Patented, Made in the USA

Wastewater Odor Control System Covers That Breathe

Anue Water Technologies’ Engineered Odor Control System (EOCS) provides breathable designs with carbon-infused filters that trap odorous compounds from openings of any size. This odor control system for wastewater features patented technology and custom-designed Geomembrane Covers with integrated odor control filters to reduce odor emissions and eliminate H2S. These covers can be used passively or with an exhaust system, and their breathable design makes them suitable for most climates. As a result, they provide ideal solutions for odor control in wastewater treatment plants.

Flexible & Easy to Use Odor Control System for Wastewater

The membrane is supported by a cable grid and batten bars above the surface, making it unaffected by aeration, changing water levels, foaming, bacteria, and other common issues. This allows for installation even in the toughest of locations. Custom access and viewing ports allow for uninterrupted maintenance.

The Engineered Odor Control System Series offers a 1-year warranty against any manufacturing defects. The membrane has an expected lifetime of over 10 years even in harsh environments. The engineered carbon-infused filter inserts last 9 to 18 months depending on emissions levels.


Exceptional Odor Reduction

Low CapEx and OpEx

Green: No Power Required

UV Resistant

Chemical Resistant


Easy Operation and Maintenance

Wastewater Odor Control Equipment In Action

Here are the results of using Anue Water Technologies’ Geomembrane Covers with carbon-infused filter inserts.

EOCS Membrane (without filters)

Weight 1015 g/m² (0.21 lb/ft)
Thickness 0.76 mm (1/32”)
Tear Strength 245 N (55 lb) min.
Breaking Yield Strength 2448 N (550 lb) min
Puncture Resistance 1550 N (350 lb) min.
Temperature Resistance

-34°C to 100°C

(-29°F to 212°F)

EOCS Membrane with Anue Inserts

Weight 1500 g/m² (~0.31 lb/ft²)
Wet-weight (H2O) < 4500 g/m² (<107 lb/ft²)
Thickness 20 mm (13/16”)
Carbon Content ≥ 900 g/m² (≥0.19 lb/ft²)
Resistance (Pa) < 25
Temperature Resistance

-35°C to 85°C

(-31°F to 185°F)

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The carbon-infused filter design is engineered to allow gases and water to freely flow through the filters while they capture odor-causing contaminants. Gas-specific filters for H2S and NH3 can be combined in the system for optimum control, even under grates and manhole covers.

Anue Geomembrane illustrations

Geomembrane Manhole Cover Inserts

Anue Water Technologies’ Engineered Odor Control System technology offers superior municipal wastewater odor control for even the toughest manholes. This unique Geomembrane Manhole Covers (GeMM) system offers a perfect frame fitted with a patented GeMM odor insert capable of removing odor in the most difficult environments.

solid black manhole cover


  • Exceptional Odor Control
  • Easy to Install
  • High H2S Tolerance
  • Chemical-Free
  • Low Maintenance

GeMM inserts and their frames come in a variety of standard sizes and are customizable to the most challenging applications. The EOCS GeMM inserts last an average of 9 to 18 months depending on emissions levels.

black webbed manhole cover
Anue GeMM filter

Carbon-infused filters are a sponge-like medium impregnated with odor collecting substance.

Air flows freely through the filters allowing the system to breathe while capturing odor.

Rainwater does not wash away their odor-capturing ability.

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