How We Serve You

Anue Water Technologies is a leading manufacturer of eco-friendly equipment for wastewater treatment, odor, corrosion, and FOG (fats, oil, grease) control since 2005. Anue is dedicated to providing sustainable water treatment solutions that solve the problem and generate savings. Anue’s innovative equipment includes easy operations and full telemetry capabilities that enable remote programming to provide ultimate control.

Our green solutions include FORSe® and Phantom® Oxygen/Ozone injection systems with remote Flo Specdigital telemetry to solve corrosion and odor problems straight at the source. The patented EnviroPrep® Well-Washers quickly dissipate FOG without the need for costly vacuum trucks and inconvenient confined space clean outs. Anue’s highly customizable Geomembrane Covers utilize carbon-embedded filters for effective odor control over virtually any sized openings.

We are ready to help you! Learn more about our products:

FORSe®, Phantom® (Oxygen/Ozone) injection systems with remote Flo Specdigital telemetry

EnviroPrep® Well-Washers for FOG control

Geomembrane Covers with embedded carbon filters for odor and corrosion control

Oxygen Ozone Water Treatment

At the very center of our business, Anue Water Technologies focuses on the delivery of technology that is highly sustainable and effective to give your major cost savings. Our FORSe 5® system for corrosion and lift station odor control combines oxygen and ozone infusion technologies to provide a truly sustainable approach to force main treatment. Our EnviroPrep® and HydroSpear wastewater treatment systems deliver perfect solutions to keep wells and vaults free of fat, oil and, grease (FOG) to manage and eliminate odor in wastewater lift stations and industrial water treatment. By automating lift station clean out, users will experience benefits including affordable maintenance costs and consistent lift station operation.

Environmental Treatment of Wastewater Solutions

Anue Water Technologies’ proprietary oxygen/ozone water treatment, odor control system wastewater applications, and well-washing products for FOG control are designed to eliminate odor and industrial corrosion in municipal wastewater treatment systems.