Lift Station Vapor Space & Liquid Phase Odor Removal

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    Eliminates Lift Station Odor and Fog

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    Patented Oxygen & Ozone Generation and Infusion

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    Minimal Footprint

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    Eliminates Odor & Corrosion Producing Sulfides

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    Prevents Station Fouling That Impacts Plant Efficiency

Phantom® Oxygen/Ozone

Anue Water Technologies’ Phantom® Oxygen/Ozone series with Flo Spec digital telemetry provides point source odor elimination by infusing ozone into recycled wastewater to react with and remove hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans from collection system lift stations.

The Phantom® eliminates expensive perpetual chemical feed systems, as well as ongoing corrosion and maintenance issues associated with vapor phase hydrogen sulfide. Current lift station odor control chemical treatments using Calcium Nitrate products requires special handling and storage. These chemicals are expensive, hazardous, and have perpetual and increasing annual costs.

With a small footprint and quiet operations (< 60db), the Phantom® is the best and most efficient design in the market today. It provides excellent outcomes for high traffic areas in neighborhood locations where a small profile and an aesthetically clean and attractive solution is desired.

The E-Savr™ Programming feature allows you to vary the frequency and duration of the Phantom® duty cycle and ozone production rate for the planned operational schedule each day.

The primary benefit includes the ability to match the ozone production rate with each duty cycle to address the varying odor levels that naturally occur at high and low flow periods in the collection system each day.

These programming options match the odor control treatment to the problem – which reduces operational and maintenance expenses while achieving maximum performance.

Lift Station Odor Control Maintenance Features:

  • Point Source Odor Elimination
  • Small Footprint
  • Full System Control with HMI Graphical Interface
  • Remote Telemetry Control
  • Excellent for High Traffic Areas
  • E-Savr™ Optimum Performance
  • Two Sizes: 30gph & 60gph

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