wastewater treatment technologies- Anue Water and Russell Resources

Russell Resources Brings Anue’s Wastewater Treatment Technologies to 6 New England States

Anue Water Technologies is announcing an exclusive partnership with Russell Resources Inc. to distribute Anue’s eco-friendly wastewater treatment technologies throughout the six New England states including Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.

Adding a New Partner for Wastewater Treatment Technologies

According to Greg Bock, Anue Water Technologies VP General Manager, “We are thrilled to have Russell Resources as our exclusive channel partner throughout the six New England states. The Russell team of process technology experts will introduce New England municipalities and industrial customers to eco-friendly systems that pay for themselves in operational savings within a couple of years.”

How the Pandemic Has Changed the Wastewater Treatment Technologies  Industry

Russell Resources President Jim Russell declared, “We look forward to introducing New England wastewater treatment customers to the FORSe and Phantom oxygen/ozone injection systems with remote digital telemetry, Anue geomembrane covers with carbon-embedded filters for odor control, and the EnviroPrep well-washers for FOG control. During this pandemic, and coming out of it, New England wastewater customers want clean-tech solutions that minimize labor and inputs into the environment. Now Russell Resources can deliver these eco-friendly solutions”.

Anue Water Technologies’ Growing List of Partners

Anue Water Technologies CEO Paul Turgeon added, “We are very pleased to have the Russell Resources team as our exclusive channel partners for the six New England states. This year we have added several new channel partners, such as J.H. Wright throughout the Gulf States, the Florida Panhandle and Georgia; Kershner Environmental for Pennsylvania and New Jersey;  Northwestern Power Equipment for the Upper Midwestern States; and Faco Waterworks for Indiana. Together with Anue Water Technologies’ other great channel partners we are able to demonstrate and install our eco-friendly equipment solutions to over 90% of the municipalities in the USA and Canada.”

How Can We Help You?

Anue Water Technologies is the leading manufacturer of cost-effective oxygen and ozone water treatment systems for wastewater, odor, corrosion, scale, bacteria, and FOG control in municipal and industrial water treatment facilities. If you’re interested in adding these eco-friendly technologies to your wastewater treatment facility, please reach out to us today by contacting us online.