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Anue Water, Municipal Wastewater Treatment Company, Interviewed by Chemicals Knowledge Hub

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Former BBC announcer David McLelland recently interviewed municipal wastewater treatment company Anue Water’s VP General Manager, Greg Bock for Chemicals Knowledge Hub. They talked about the history of Anue Water Technologies, how the COVID pandemic has changed our business, and what we’re excited about for the future. Here are some of the points they discussed.

How Anue Got Started with Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Anue Water Technologies was founded in 2006 in Oceanside, California, by a group of men in the municipal wastewater treatment marketplace that had challenges with FOG (fats, oil, and grease) in the wet wells of sewer systems. They developed the EnviroPrep system which takes municipal sewer water from the wet well, mixes it up, and drops it down on the grease to keep it homogenized. They grew with the addition of new municipal wastewater treatment products and now work with oxygen and ozone water treatment for the control of odor (hydrogen sulfide), corrosion, and FOG. Anue Water relocated its headquarters and manufacturing operations to Tucker, Georgia, in 2017, which is when Greg Bock came on board.

The Effects of COVID

With the current Coronavirus pandemic, many industries have shut down and sent their employees home. Now that everyone is spending more time at home, they are using the municipal water system much more, so wastewater concentrations and the resulting odor is increasing significantly. As the odor increases, so do complaints. To counteract this, municipalities have increased chemical use and the resulting costs. Anue has also seen requests for our oxygen and ozone water treatment systems increase. Our challenge is helping our engineers keep up with demand. We’ve been incredibly busy on video calls and learning to be more efficient, quicker, and providing a better response to our customers.

What’s Next for Anue

Anue has been focused primarily on the municipal wastewater industry and improving oxygen concentrations from 20% to 93% to help eliminate chemical bills every month that can add up to $500,000 per year for one location. For industrial users, such as food and beverage, we can take the same equipment used for municipal markets and use it to control odor and corrosion, reduce water consumption, and costs.

One new area for Anue is fish farming, also called aquaculture. Our geomembrane covers with infused carbon filters help to reduce odors in equalization and storage tanks. We will continue to push hard in this market going forward.

We are excited to be using our technology in new ways. For example, using the geomembrane covers in a cook plant to manage the cheese smell that shut the plant down because of complaints. We can use our geomembrane covers in the food industry and ozone & oxygen for aquaculture and poultry industries.

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