Anue Water’s EnviroPrep Wastewater Odor Control Equipment Well-Washer Eliminates Fats, Oil, Grease

Anue was recently featured in the August 2020 issue of TPO Magazine. Our wastewater odor control equipment work at a lift station in North Florida earned us a case study in the publication. Learn more about the problem and our solution, below.

Wastewater Odor Control Equipment with the EnviroPrep 1300

Strong odors are a common problem for wastewater treatment facilities, but that doesn’t mean they can be ignored. When complaints start rolling in, Anue Water Technologies and their wastewater odor control equipment is there for you. With the EnviroPrep 1300 from our wastewater oil control equipment, we are able to control FOG and improve lift station maintenance within a matter of hours. We recently met this challenge at a lift station in North Florida and were able to provide outstanding results. The facility was so pleased, TPO Magazine took the opportunity to feature us in their latest issue.

Case Study: Odor Control Unit for Lift Station in North Florida

“Problem: A large north Florida regional wastewater system was battling FOG up to 4 feet thick that was blanketing lift station walls and equipment. Dry-weather spills exacerbated the problem and drove a search for solutions.

“Solution: The agency selected the EP-1300 well-washing and pretreatment system from Anue Water Technologies.

“Result: The system eliminated the FOG in two hours. Spills were nonexistent, and confined space entry for cleaning was no longer necessary. Expenses for a boom truck and two operators for two hours on each occasion were eliminated, reducing maintenance costs by up to 20% annually. The agency now operates 15 EP-1300s and plans to add more.”

Read the press release.

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