Anue’s Geomembrane Covers Reduce Odor & Costs, Wastewater Treatment, Improve Safety for Brazil Bottling Plant

We are happy to announce that a new case study featuring Anue Water Technologies was published in the June 2020 issue of TPO Magazine! Treatment Plant Operator (TPO) featured the use of Anue’s geomembrane covers at a bottling plant in Brazil to eliminate odor, improve safety, enhance wastewater treatment, and reduce costs.

Our Wastewater Treatment Solution

A bottling plant located in Marilia, Brazil, frequently received requests to improve the wastewater treatment odor control at their facility. They also desired to make the tanks safer, as well as reduce the costs. Their existing solution was clearly not working, so they tried Anue’s EOCS geomembrane covers with embedded carbon filters.

Anue’s Engineered Odor Control System technology is a patented, custom designed Geomembrane system with integrated carbon filters to reduce odor emissions for almost any shape or size area, and is suitable for most climates.

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“The plant owners decided to install a reinforced membrane odor control system with integrated activated carbon filters. At the same time, a new glass-lined steel homogenization tank was to be built, and it made sense to cover that as well. Anue Water Technologies geomembrane covers, suspended above the liquid, are made to fit each tank precisely, providing a tight seal around the edges so that all gases are forced toward the filters. The filters’ porosity keeps pressure from building up under the covers to avoid dangerous gas buildup in confined spaces. The covers on the reactors were installed in a few days and the homogenization tank covers a month later.”

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Read more about our wastewater treatment geomembrane system or view the full article at TPO Magazine’s website.

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