Progressive Dairy has Published a New Industrial Odor Control Article About Anue Water’s Geomembrane Covers

Progressive Dairy has published a new article on Anue Water’s geomembrane covers for industrial odor control at dairy farms. The article was based on editor Karen Lee’s recent interview with Anue Water’s Greg Bock, Vice President General Manager, and Bob Negley, Sales Manager.

Industrial Odor Control for Dairy Farms

Industrial odor control is an obvious issue for dairy farms due to manure storage. They also frequently have rainwater accumulation and escaping biogas. Our geomembrane covers help to eliminate these issues due to the carbon filters embedded into them. The best part is that they can be custom designed for any size or shape pond or holding tank on a property. They can also include viewing ports to keep an eye on things inside. The average lifespan of a geomembrane cover is 10 years, which makes them an excellent, eco-friendly investment for the agriculture industry. We are excited that this technology is being adapted for a new market and look forward to the greater adoption of this industrial odor control solution.

From the Article

The membrane is supported by a cable grid and batten bars above the surface, making it unaffected by aeration, changing effluent levels, foaming, bacteria and other common issues.

The lifetime of the carbon filters is nine to 18 months, depending on emission levels.

The filter is engineered to allow gases and water to flow freely through while the activated carbon in the filter traps the odor causing contaminants. Gas-specific filters for hydrogen sulfide and ammonia can be combined in the system to control the various odors from manure.


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