Reduce Industrial Odor Control Costs with Anue Geomembrane Covers

ProFood World magazine published an article in the June 2021 issue explaining the ways Anue Water Technologies Geomembrane Covers lower the cost of sustainable industrial odor control for food and beverage plants. These Geomembrane Covers eliminate the need to use costly replaceable filter media to provide eco-friendly odor control solutions that save operators time, effort, and money.  

Here is an excerpt from that article. 

Superior Industrial Odor Control Solutions Save Expenses and the Environment 

Anue Water Technologies Geomembrane Covers remove all odors, including those from sulfide and ammonia, in food and beverage plants, eliminating the need for chemicals or scrubber equipment. Custom engineered to fit each application, the covers consist of geomembranes filled with carbon-embedded pockets. 

Typical applications include tanks, sludge pits, open channels, vessels, fowl offal, truck bays, vertical vents, and fugitive emissions from vent covers.  

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About Anue Water Technologies Geomembrane Covers

Anue’s Geomembrane Covers provide breathable designs with carbon-infused filters to trap a broad compound of odors from openings of any size. These integrated odor control filters eliminate H2S and reduce odor emissions to provide premium industrial odor control solutions to the food and beverage industry. 

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