High Efficiency Ozone/Oxygen Generation (Phantom) Water World June 2016



Wet Well System Curbs Odor Issues 


In mid-2013, the Pacific Northwest Regional Wastewater Authority was receiving odor complaints from residents around a lift station and was experiencing odors in the plant as well.


Anue Water Technologies conducted a demonstration of ozone and oxygen treatment at the lift station. Data collection showed that the odors were most likely due to mercaptans. Ozone and oxygen treatment were delivered through two HydroSpear conditioning heads in the wet well at the lift station. The odors at the lift station soon vanished, and odor at the plant decreased markedly. Based on the results, the authority installed a Phantom FLD-60-15-H wet well system to deliver continuous ozone and oxygen treatment.


The system has provided the same level of odor abatement as the demonstration system since startup. A benefit of reduced odor at the plant is less blower runtime, saving $2,000 to $3,000 per month on energy. 760/727-2683; www.anuewater.com

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