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California and Washington State Eliminate FOG with Anue’s EnviroPrep™ Series Odor Control Unit for Lift Stations

Water & Wastes Digest wrote about how Anue’s EnviroPrep (EP) Series solved FOG problems at California and Washington lift stations.

How We Handled It

The cities of Carlsbad, California, and Bonney Lake, Washington, both had issues with labor costs. They were spending far too much time and money to manage the FOG build-up at their lift stations. Anue’s patented EnviroPrep™ (EP) Series is an ongoing odor control unit for lift station cleaning. This amazing technology greatly reduces or eliminates the need for costly vacuum truck and manual confined space clean-outs, providing immediate operational savings and improved safety. With more efficient and sustainable lift station maintenance, Carlsbad and Bonney Lake are able to direct their manpower on other activities.

An Excerpt from WWD’s Article

“Certain technologies, such as Anue Water Technologies’ EP Systems, take the responsibility of cleaning out of the crew members’ hands. The system recycles discharged wastewater, automating lift station cleaning without chemicals and making it cost-effective and sustainable.

“The system is a multi-step process. Surface agitation breaks buildup, adding oxygen to the recycled wastewater. This process homogenizes solids, eliminating FOG and biofilm in the process.

“In the lift station, this system turns on four or five times per hour, keeping the water moving and preventing FOG from collecting into disruptive mats. The system runs for a few minutes whenever the pump turns on or when the municipality sets the timer, for example, during high flow hours such as early morning.”

Learn More from WWD

To see how our odor control unit for lift stations was used by these two cities, please read the full article. You can also discover our Enviro-Prep FOG solution for yourself.

If you would like to discuss a pilot test of our lift station maintenance technology for your own application, please give us a call at 760-727-2683. You can also send an email to info@anuewater.com. We’ll be happy to discuss your FOG control needs to find the perfect solution for you.