Targeting H2S – Anue Water’s Wastewater Odor Control Equipment FORSe Oxygen/Ozone System Featured in TPO Magazine

Anue Water Technologies was recently featured in the September 2017 issue of TPO Magazine. The article highlights how our FORSe 5 system works to target H2S. This success story specifically discusses our wastewater odor control equipment for a lift station in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee. Learn more by reading the excerpt, below.

Brandon Ambrose and his maintenance team have enough to do maintaining 230 miles of gravity sewers, 19 miles of force main, and 31 pump stations. The last thing they need is to spend time dealing with odor complaints.

And yet, over the years, the team in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, fought a battle against hydrogen sulfide odor from wastewater in force mains. They controlled the odor with chemicals, but city leaders wanted a more cost-effective and sustainable way to deal with H2S through powerful wastewater odor control equipment.

Ambrose, lead maintenance technician for the city’s pump stations, found it in a technology installed at pump stations that generates pure oxygen and ozone, and injects it into the wastewater. First used in a successful pilot test at one pump station, the wastewater odor control equipment has been deployed permanently at four stations, and three more will be added in the next year. It has reduced H2S levels at pumping discharge points from spikes of more than 400 ppm to less than 10 ppm. Payback on the equipment from chemical savings is estimated at 1.5 to three years.

We are happy to have been able to provide this long-lasting and effective wastewater odor control equipment solution to the lift station maintenance team in Mt. Juliet. We expect they will have far fewer issues and complaints in the years to come.

Learn more about what the FORSe system can do, or read the full article from TPO Magazine.

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