A Suburban Community Uses Anue’s FORSe® Oxygen/Ozone System for the Treatment of Wastewater

WaterWorld magazine published a wastewater success story featuring Anue’s FORSe® Oxygen/Ozone System with remote digital telemetry for outstanding odor and corrosion control.

What We Did

Water World’s case study highlights how the suburb of Chestermere Lake in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, pumps their wastewater several miles away via force mains before final treatment from the city of Calgary. Odor and corrosion were serious concerns. Anue had the eco-friendly solution they were looking for. Anue’s FORSe series technology was created to treat wastewater corrosion and odor in force mains and lift stations. These systems are designed to solve the problems at their source, typically anaerobic sulfate reducing bacteria (SRB). By implementing the Anue FORSe system, Chestermere Lake was able to manage the control of corrosion and odor, helping them to avoid fines from the city.

WaterWorld Article Tells the Story and Shows the Data

“AWT’s FORSe2 system is designed to control odor and corrosion within wastewater systems by oxidizing sulfur-containing organic compounds so that they exist in a form that is no longer malodorous, corrosive or otherwise detrimental to system and environmental health. These compounds, particularly H2S, are typically associated with the anaerobic bacteria ‘slime layer’ found in the parts of the system that have low to zero oxygen present at any given time, such as the inner walls of piping.

“Infusion of oxygen into wastewater will increase dissolved oxygen (DO) levels, which will in turn convert the slime layer into an aerobic layer and eliminate its sulfur production. By impeding and reversing the creation of H2S through oxidation with oxygen, the FORSe2 technology is able to significantly decrease the negative effects of H2S.”

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