High-Efficiency Ozone/Oxygen Generation

Anue Water Technologies Inc. (AWT), a manufacturer and service provider of high efficiency ozone/oxygen generation systems in the United States, presents the next generation of the Phantom system. This system offers a cost-effective solution for wet well and force main fat, oil and grease (FOG), odor and corrosion control problems. It is also effective for market applications where ozone and oxygen provide the best and environmentally proven answer for effective water treatment.

The Phantom system utilizes sidestream wastewater to draw in concentrated oxygen and ozone. The aerated/ozonated sidestream is delivered back to the wastewater force main or wet well lift station through AWT’s patented EP or HS while washing systems, uniformly transferring the oxygen and ozone for both FOG and odor/corrosion control.

The system has a small footprint and is effective at reducing or eliminating problems caused by FOG, odor and corrosion. The technology is particularly well suited to high traffic areas or neighborhood locations requiring a small profile and an aesthetically clean an attractive solution.

The Phantom system can also be utilized for small municipal TOC applications. Each system is engineered to meet the plant’s specific performance requirements. Installation of these units generally takes only half a day.

This system has adaptive power requirements (440/220 VAC single or three phase). Another key benefit is the low capital and operating cost. The capital cost for the phantom system is less than $90,000, and the operating cost is typically less than $10/day.

The Phantom system represents a low cost solution for mid-size and small applications, especially where system footprint and aesthetics are a concern.

Anue’s Phantom product series warranties cover 100% of all parts and components for one year. Extended warranties are available for purchase for all ANUE systems. Manufacturing lead time is eight weeks from purchase order to shipping. WW


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