TPO Features Anue Water in Well-Washing & Pretreatment Case Study

The June 2016 edition of Treatment Plant Operator has featured Anue Water’s EP-1100 Technology as the key solution to their fat, oil and grease (FOG) buildup. The EP-1100 was able to quickly and efficiently resolve the plant’s 4 feet of FOG buildup in less than two hours. The article reads:

Washing System Helps Eliminate FOG Problem


A large north Florida regional wastewater system was battling FOG buildup up to 4 feet thick blanketing lift station walls and equipment. Dry-weater spills exacerbated the problem and drive a search for solutions.


The agency selected the EP-1100 well-washing and pretreatment system from Anue Water Technologies. 


The system eliminated the FOG in two hours. Spills were nonexistent, and confined-space entry for cleaning was no longer necessary. Expenses for a boom truck and two operators fro two hours on each occasion were also eliminated, reducing maintenance costs by up to 20 percent annually. The agency now operates 15 EP-1300s and plans to add more. 760/727-2683; www.anuewater.com.

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