Phantom Odor Control System Eliminates Sulfides in 48 Hours

Anue Water Technologies engaged the Mountain Water District in Pikeville, Kentucky in an effort to reduce the odor and hydrogen sulfide levels within the Forest Hills Pump Station. The Station’s operators were eager to find an effective method of removing the odor, knowing that higher levels of hydrogen sulfide would eventually pose potential health risk to the neighboring high school and surrounding community.

The City had tried various chemicals and other types of odor control to try and help the situation, none of these solutions completely worked.

They then decided to try Anue Water Technology’s Phantom Odor Control System and the results were apparent almost immediately. After the first day of operation the H2S levels had dropped to 9ppm. By the second day of operation the levels were down to 0 ppm.

Reducing H2S Levels from 1,000PPM to 0PPM within 48 Hours


  • Mountain Water District – Pikeville, Kentucky.


  • Odor Issues
  • Corrosion Issues
  • H2S Levels Exceeding 1,000 PPM


  • Phantom System
  • Reduced H2S Levels
  • Reduced FOG in Well
  • Saved Money on Chemicals

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