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Phantom System Helps Eliminate Hydrogen Sulfide Odors at Pump Stations

TPO Magazine has recently published a short case study about Anue’s Phantom system, which was successfully used at a pump station in Pikeville, Kentucky, for wastewater odor control and to eliminate potential health risks. From the case study:


Operators tried a Phantom odor control system from Anue Water Technologies that uses sidestream wastewater to draw in concentrated oxygen and ozone. The aerated/ozonated stream is delivered back to the wet well through well washing systems, uniformly transferring the oxygen and ozone for FOG and odor/corrosion control.

The hydrogen sulfide levels dropped to 9 ppm after the first day of operation and to zero during the second day.


We are happy to have been able to help the city of Pikeville, one of approximately 65 municipalities across the US and Canada that are benefitting from Anue’s eco-friendly oxygen/ozone injection technology. You can view the full case study in this article.

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