Wastewater Odor Control with Geomembrane Systems

Paul Turgeon, CEO of Anue Water Technologies, recently spoke with Sarah Harding of Chemicals Knowledge Hub about our geomembrane systems and how they work for wastewater odor control. Take a brief glimpse at their conversation from this excerpt:


The technology consists of high strength geo-membranes – very low permeability synthetic liners that control fluid migration. These geo-membranes are made from a proprietary material with superior tensile strength and chemical resistance, and they are fitted with pockets containing replaceable filter media. These activated carbon impregnated filters are breathable, allowing air and water to pass through while trapping the odor, and they are custom engineered to fit each application.

Such customization covers physical aspects, such as the shape of the structure containing the odorous wastewater, as well as chemical ones. These detailed specifications could be likened to the ‘secret sauce’ of geo-membrane technology, as the experts at Anue consider the chemistry behind each individual application.


To read more of what Paul had to say, please read the full interview.

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