Anue Water’s Phantom Oxygen/Ozone System for Full Treatment of Wastewater Featured in TPO Magazine!

Anue Water Technologies is proud to be featured in the November 2019 issue of TPO magazine. This publication covers topics such as wastewater treatment updates and news, as well as breakthroughs in pumps, disinfectants, instruments, and monitoring upgrades. It sends out over 68,000 copies each month to its subscribers. This month, they have compiled an overview of several companies and their equipment and products as they relate to the full treatment of wastewater.

Phantom System Summary: Full Treatment of Wastewater

Our Phantom system is ideal for wastewater treatment. It combines ozone and oxygen water treatment without chemicals and in a smaller space than other units. This provides the ultimate odor control for lift stations, improving plant efficiency. With better control of corrosion producing sulfides, lift station maintenance is made faster and easier. We are proud to have this system showcased in the latest issue of TPO magazine as we feel it is the best on the market for odor control in wastewater treatment plants.

What TPO Has to Say About The Phantom System

Here’s the excerpt from the article that talks about Anue and Phantom and the full treatment of wastewater!

“The Phantom system from Anue Water Technologies provides point source odor elimination by infusing oxygen and ozone into recycled wastewater to react with and remove hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans from collections system lift stations. It eliminates chemical feed systems, as well as ongoing corrosion and maintenance issues associated with vapor phase hydrogen sulfide. It has a small footprint and quiet operation (less than 60 dB) while providing an ideal solution for high traffic areas in neighborhood locations. Programming features allow the operator to vary the frequency and duration of the planned operational cycle each day. Rate with each duty cycle to address the varying odor levels that naturally occur at high and low flow periods in the collections system each day. These programming options match the odor control treatment to the problem, which reduces operational and maintenance expenses while achieving maximum performance.”


You can learn more about the Phantom or read the full article.