A Pacific Northwest regional wastewater authority provides wastewater collection and owns, operates, and has maintenance responsibility for a regional wastewater treatment plant. In mid-2013 the authority was receiving a large volume of odor complaints from residents living around the lift station, which is located directly upstream from the plant, and was experiencing elevated odor levels in the plant as well. These complaints were sometimes daily, especially during the summer months. They called on Anue to share their wastewater odor control solutions.


Getting a Baseline

The wastewater authority requested that Anue Water Technologies conduct a system demonstration, which was completed in August of 2013 to determine if oxygen and ozone water treatment at the lift station could effectively treat the odor issues both at the lift station directly and the plant nearby. Pre-demonstration data collection showed that the odors at the lift station were not being caused by aqueous or vapor phase sulfides but most likely due to elevated levels of mercaptans, sulfur-containing organic compounds that smell like rotting cabbage.


A Successful Odor Control Technology Demonstration

Anue set up a demonstration pilot using one of their portable MDU trailers for the first test site. An H2S baseline was established by Anue prior to beginning oxygen and ozone water treatment with online monitoring using odaloger instruments installed in and around the lift station. The levels were ranging from 75ppm to 250ppm.

Oxygen and ozone treatment was delivered through two Anue HydroSpear conditioning heads in the wet well at the lift station from August 26-30. Soon after the beginning of the demonstration, the local odors at the lift station vanished and complaints from local residents ceased. A marked decrease in odor at the plant occurred as well.

Based on the successful results of the system demonstration, Anue recommended the installation of a Phantom FLD-60-15-H wet well system at the lift station to deliver continuous oxygen and ozone treatment to the effluent at its final stop before entering the wastewater treatment plant.


Continued Wastewater Odor Control Results

The Anue Phantom system was installed in April 2014 and has been providing the same level of odor abatement as the demonstration system since startup. The Phantom ozone pilot was commissioned with Anue’s HydroSpear vapor scrubbing system. H2S levels dropped immediately to single digit levels and were maintained. The authority was so impressed by the performance of the Anue Phantom that they have standardized it as the wastewater odor control treatment system for all future lift station projects within their jurisdiction.


Get These Results at Your Wastewater Treatment Facility!

Anue Water Technologies offers a wide variety of wastewater odor control systems. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a demo at your site. We will show you how we can help eliminate odors and community complaints without spending a fortune on odor control chemicals and frequent lift station maintenance.