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Anue Water Relocates to Larger HQ & Manufacturing Facilities for Treatment of Wastewater

Anue Water Technologies, the manufacturer of cost-effective municipal sewer water treatment, lift station maintenance, wastewater odor control equipment, and other odor control chemcial water technologies, is announcing the relocation of their headquarters and manufacturing from Tucker, Georgia, to a larger facility in Alpharetta, Georgia due to municipal demand for eco-friendly treatment of wastewater services.

Why the Move?

Here’s an excerpt from the official wastewater treatment service press release:

The relocation is due to record growth during 2020 for Anue Water’s eco-friendly wastewater odor control equipment services and other odor, municipal sewer water cleaning, lift station maintenance, industrial odor control, industrial corrosion control, and FOG (fats, oil, grease) control products, and the projected demand for these clean-tech solutions during and coming out of the pandemic.

According to Anue Water’s VP General Manager Greg Bock, “The new facilities in Alpharetta will enable us to prepare more equipment and ship it out more quickly to municipal and industrial customers throughout the US, Canada, and the rest of the world.”

With the high demand for better lift station maintenance including an odor control unit for lift station cleaning and stronger municipal sewer water control, the move to a larger facility that can house expanded treatment of wastewater and oxygen water treatment was essential.

Anue Water Technologies CEO Paul Turgeon added, “The need for larger facilities springs from consumer and regulatory demands for more environmentally friendly solutions to odor, corrosion and FOG problems. Anue’s recent addition of several new channel partners in the Gulf States, Florida Panhandle, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New Jersey, Indiana and the Upper Midwestern States are also creating new demand by introducing Anue Water’s eco-friendly equipment solutions to many more municipal and industrial customers.”

Getting Larger for Treatment of Wastewater Services

Anue Water Technologies has recently expanded operations by developing agreements with five new channel partners. With greater visibility comes greater demand. Anue is excited to be able to offer their eco-friendly wastewater treatment solutions to the Gulf States, Georgia, the Florida panhandle, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New Jersey, Indiana, and select upper Midwest states.

The treatment of wastewater is essential. From municipal sewer water to commercial and industrial water, the oxygenation of water for proper lift station maintenance and ozone water treatment helps keep cities clean and odor-free. Wastewater treatment company, Anue Water, ensures this happens while staying cost-effective.

To learn more about the relocation and wastewater treatment service, please read the full press release.

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About Anue Water Technologies

Founded in 2005, Anue Water Technologies Inc. is headquartered in Tucker GA. The company manufactures and supplies eco-friendly,  high efficiency, patented systems for the municipal and industrial wastewater markets, including oxygen/ozone injection,  lift station maintenance, odor control unit for lift station, wastewater odor control, commercial odor control, industrial odor control, well-washers and carbon-embedded geomembrane covers for odor, corrosion and FOG (fats, oil, grease) control.

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