Wastewater Odor Control Company Seeks Geographic Expansion Through Channel Partners

Wastewater odor control company, Anue Water’s CEO, Paul Turgeon, was interviewed by World Water magazine. They discussed how the wastewater treatment and oxygen ozone water control business has been going for the past year, and how Anue plans to expand to new markets.  Read an excerpt from their conversation here:

Business in Wastewater Odor Control

WW: How has business been for Anue in the past year?

Paul Turgeon: Our business has continued to expand. In general, there’s been an increasing market demand for more environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions in different municipal and industrial applications, which our products offer.

Typically we work through channel partners (agents) at companies who bring our oxone-oxygen technologies on to complement other products they distribute. We educate them and spend a lot of time helping them up the learning curve; they’re our front line resource, really. We work with them at shows such as WEFTEC and co-op our resources to help them identify new prospects, so we help them sell the business. Because we’re a small business, working with channel partners helps us to have more “boots on the ground,” in other words, more coverage in the North American market.

Taking the Lead in Wastewater Odor Control

WW: As a chemical engineer with extensive experience in the specialty chemical industry and as President and COO of BWA Water Additives until 2011, could you explain why your next career step was to lead Anue’s sustainable, non-chemical business? In a way, this move reflects a major trend in the water and wastewater industry toward replacing or minimizing chemical treatment for more sustainable technologies.

Turgeon: Anue’s focus is squarely on the megatrends I recognized as shaping the future of this market. That, combined with the company’s unique proprietary technology, offers a great alternative to end users. I see the direction the industry is headed as it’s being heavily influenced by regulatory trends, aging infrastructure, and systems operating beyond the original design capacity. Anue’s technology offers a highly efficacious and sustainable option to treat problems with FOG, odor, and corrosion, which have been aggravated by these factors.

Strategy Moving Forward in Oxygen Ozone Water Control

WW: What are your strategic plans for expanding the business in 2019?

Turgeon: We started the business about 10 years ago. Our strategy is straightforward – produce high-quality systems and, with tailored world-class service, to assist municipal and industrial end users cope with the difficult challenge presented by FOG, odor, and corrosion. In 2017, we expanded our reach into Canada, which was a natural growth area for us and led to several new opportunities. In 2019, we plan to further expand our North American operations by adding new commercial staff and channel partners.

Our technology also works well in other applications such as food and beverage and oilfield applications, so we are planning in 2019 to commercialize and promote our technology for these sectors.


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