New Digital Tools for Wastewater Treatment Service: Chemical Week Podcast with Anue Water Technologies VP, Greg Bock

Vice President & General Manager, Greg Bock, of Anue Water Technologies joins Chemical Week podcast to discuss how digital tools underpin the wastewater treatment service company’s technology.

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Here are a few highlights:

Anue Water Technologies and the Digitalization Strategy

As a wastewater treatment company, Anue Water Technologies works mainly in the municipal water space, such as municipal sewer water, and the industrial water treatment marketplace. Our equipment and path to market focuses on a green sustainability approach that utilizes oxygen and ozone to minimize the effects of hydrogen sulfide (H2S), odor and corrosion.

Since the technology is advanced this could lead to complications if we didn’t have the ability of remote telecommunication to control and look at the equipment while helping clients understand what’s going on with flows, pressure, and oxygen purity.

Anue Water’s equipment is usually placed in remote locations that are not easy to get to reach such as the cold snowy mountains of Colorado. Because of the digitally advanced wastewater treatment solutions, when an operator needs to look at the equipment, they can do it remotely without making the long trek to the equipment each time.

These remote solutions allow the Anue Water team to work with the client from a computer to make sure their perimeters are in line from an environmental standpoint and they are being as efficient as possible. This allows the team to take this complicated PLC (programmable logic controller, the brain of the system) with a lot of digital input and output and simplifies it for the user so they can get the easy-to-understand end result.

Digital Self-Correcting Wastewater Treatment Solution

The advanced digital wastewater treatment service capabilities of Anue Water’s equipment are impressive. There are various data points we look at from the end user such as a resident pump with temperatures, flows and pressures that tell the PLC what these specific perimeters are and how much oxygen or ozone is needed. The equipment is then able to feed and measure how much it’s feeding while making the decision on if it needs more or less.

This is all done instantaneously.

If the equipment can tell something is off, it’s able to call out directly to the Anue Water team or the end-user to alert them that something isn’t right, and an action needs to be put in place right away for the treatment of wastewater.

The equipment has the ability to self-correct. By compiling data from the end-user’s equipment, it can then make a decision while monitoring the purity of the oxygen—the purer the oxygen the more efficiently everything operates.

How Digital Wastewater Treatment Solutions Work

Anue Water’s powerful system continually looks at this data 24/7 and compares it to ensure the client is getting precisely what they need from a preventative standpoint.

Since Anue Water Technologies is located in Atlanta and has treatment of wastewater equipment distributed throughout the US and Canada, this can be intimidating to the client. For a municipal client that has never used this type of water treatment equipment they can look at the process from the pre-installation review, delivery, installation of the equipment, etc. and then ask, “If I’m in trouble, are you going to be there to help me?” The answer is yes.

Our digital solutions allow us to be there remotely at all times, and if a client need boots on the ground a team is there to help immediately. By having these call out capabilities such as letting us know an air compressor isn’t working or one of the sensors has failed, the data from the computer lets us know precisely what the issue is. We can then arm the end-user with the tools they need to fully resolve the issue. The technology goes further by allowing us to tell the end-user the exact terminal block they need to unwire an oxygen censor and gives us the ability to talk them through any issues.

Digitization in Water Treatment Service

So, what is driving the need for more digital solutions in wastewater treatment service?

The answer: sustainable technologies. The environmental regulations are getting tighter all the time and companies need to stay in those regulations. At the same time, everyone is cost conscience on energy and water consumption. It’s important that the automation in the industry has the ability to quickly react to any non-compliance issue immediately. All of these items are in our industry to make sure we are compliant, as efficient as possible, and working as quickly as possible.

When it comes down to it, digitization in water treatment circles around sustainability for all industries so the focus is on a greener future for our families.

Anue Water Technologies

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