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To Become the World's Leader In Innovative Water Treatment Technology

  • Tailored Solutions

    Tailored Solutions.

    We partner with our customers in identifying the best solution, matching the application requirement to a specific system with our team of Applications Engineers and Sales professionals.
    Sustainable Technology

    Sustainable Technology.

    ANUE’s innovative ozone and oxygen generation applications and efficient well washing products are designed to virtually eliminate odor and corrosion in collection systems including force mains, wet wells, and lift stations. These proven solutions COMPLETELY ELIMINATE the use of toxic chemical treatment and hazardous byproducts.
    Exclusive Mobile Diagnostics

    Exclusive Mobile Diagnostics.

    ANUE employs their EXCLUSIVE Mobile Diagnostic Unit (MDU) program that is available for extended full system pilots or demonstration projects onsite where necessary to prove the efficacy and reliability of their EP/FORSE 5 systems – eliminating the risk for the customer while insuring the optimal system size and design.
  • Experience and Evolving IP

    Experience and Evolving IP.

    Anue currently holds 17 patents domestically and internationally including Odor & Corrosion control of wastewater for collection systems, Fat, Oil & Grease remediation with an aggressive effort to add IP technologies that compliment increased solutions.
    Increased Product Offerings

    Increased Product Offerings.

    ANUE’s newest addition to the FORSE 5 product line is the Phantom Series models which are designed primarily for wet well FOG and odor control while maintaining minimal installation and capital expenses. These FORSE 5 Phantom systems require a small installation footprint of less than 6 square feet while weighing less than 200lbs, accommodating site requirements and esthetics.

Who We Are

“Anue Water Technologies, a leading manufacturer of engineered solutions for water treatment, empowers municipalities, industrial and commercial companies who encounter challenges with wastewater by creating tailored and turn key product lines that provide highly effective solutions for odor, corrosion, fat, oil and grease issues. At the core of our designs, Anue Water Technologies focuses on the delivery of technology that is sustainable with proven applications that enhance people’s lives.”


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Phone: +1-760-727-ANUE (2683)
- Anue Water Technologies Headquarters
Email: info@anuewater.com


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Global Headquarters
Anue Water Technologies, Inc.
1923 Avenida Plaza Real
Oceanside, California, USA 92056

Monday‐Friday, 7:30 am through 5:30 pm (0730‐1730), Pacific Time
WEBSITE: www.anuewater.com


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